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In 2018 I took my niece Susan to Russia and Sweden.


In 2017 I went to Crete.  I love Crete and hope to get back there again.

In 2016 I went to Barcelona and hung out with Diane before taking a curise back to Tampa.  I knew I wanted to be in the middle of the Atlantic when Trump was elected

In 2015 I went to Ireland to see Bartley - I have never seen him again and I have no idea why

In 2014 I went back to Sweden for two Weddings - Karin & Peter's and Vidor & Malin.  Those trips can be found in the year they occurred


In 2013 I took a road trip with Susan, my niece, to attend her Sun Dance and to see some of the great states of Montana & Wyoming

Travels with Susan 239.JPG (544264 bytes)


In 2012 I went back to Amsterdam to help Ed & Randy celebrate their 50th birthdays - 8 days is too short but we still had fun!

Amsterdam 12 012.jpg (140475 bytes)

In 2010 I went to England to see Mary and her husband, Bob and find out how life was treating them.  These photos have all been posted on FaceBook and can be viewed there at:!/album.php?aid=2046281&id=1057720806

IMG_0016.JPG (691478 bytes)


In 2008 I went to Bishop California to help my niece, Susan, celebrate her 50th birthday...

Susans 50th 187.jpg (580827 bytes) Susans 50th 304.jpg (552752 bytes)
Susan Turns 50

In 2007 I went to Sweden to help my girlfriend Lena turn 50 and to see my many good friends including Karen... I had lots of fun adventures and took huge numbers of photos, which you can see on the pages below

DSC03785a.jpg (334401 bytes) Skaitescan.jpg (606722 bytes)
Skelleftea Lena's at 50  Jokkmokk/Saskam Skaite Muddus Falls


In 2006 I went to Amsterdam to help my buddy, Tim, celebrate his 50th birthday...we were only gone for 9 days but it was a great can see it, click Amsterdam!

In 2005 I visited friends at the Domaine Michel Voarick in Burgundy and spent a few days in Paris.  This trip I had my new digital camera with me and as a result I was able to take way too many photos...

Harvest in Aloxe-Corton Beaune Cluny & Dijon Paris Rodin Museum

In 2002 Mary and I went to Scotland - a great place to visit...

Edinburgh Stirling Oban  &   Iona Mallaig  & Skye Ayr & Darvel

For the Millennium I visited friends in Sweden...This is one of the places I really like...

Stockholm Skelleftea Ice Hotel Jokkmokk Saskam

For Memorial Day a bunch of us stayed at Bella Marea in Flagler Beach.