Saskam is a wonderful place where I once spend two fabulous weeks in summer picking berries and fishing... Now you can see it covered with snow but it is still beautiful.

  We started out on skis and don't we look like we know what we are doing?  As I said elsewhere, this was my first time on skis and I am not known for my great sense of of course, I fell down (4 times to be exact) and getting up was not a study in grace either...  but I look pretty good in the photos.   The trip to Saskam wasn't long for those who knew what skiing was all about...I got there eventually too!  HG took we for a snowmobile ride out on the frozen lake and I swear all I could do was pray that the ice was strong enough for us, because the last thing I wanted was to be wet in those temperatures.  But we were safe and it was a lovely trip. 

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