I stayed with my friend Claes in Stockholm he had an extra apartment on this street which was mine for the night.  We ate lunch in a little restaurant overlooking the harbor...


Claes has a beautiful house which he built on one of the little islands around Stockholm and he took me to see it:


Later that night we wandered around the old town and had a lovely dinner that featured a vegetable called Black Root which I had never eaten before and which was very delicious.

  The next day we had more snow and Claes and I went out walking and looking for our breakfast. 

      Paula, who is Claes' girlfriend had just flown in from the USA and needed to get some sleep.  Since they were giving a party that night Claes and I did the shopping...



Then we went back to Paula's apartment where the party was to be... and we had coffee and Glug (a wonderful drink in the cold!) 

  And then it was time for me to say Goodbye and fly off to Skelleftea

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