Ice Hotel - Jukkasjarvi

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So here we go to the famous Ice Hotel in Jukkasjarvi...I think the desk clerk said that it is 350,000 cubic meters of ice.  They rebuild it every winter, but they do put some ice in cold storage during the summer so they have some ice to start with each year.

Its a big igloo and not every room has a outside wall, but those that do get to have ice windows... and of course the lamps are ice... the tables and chairs are ice... and some walls have sculpture in relief on them...and Yes, the beds are ice... but with a reindeer skin on top... the only thing I didn't see at the ice hotel were ice toilets or bathrooms.  There was an ice sculpture garden, but it was still in progress and lots of work was being done to get ready for the big Lappish wedding on New Years Eve. 

There was an ice bar that served Absolute (what else?) Vodka and lots of big ice walls like this one behind HG's daughter Fia.

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