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Wish for the New Millennium:
May you have enough happiness to make you sweet, enough trials to make you strong, enough sorrow to keep you human, enough hope to make you happy, and enough money to buy gifts!!


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Thought for 2020:

"Of all the things that Wisdom provides to help on live ones entire life in happiness, the greatest by far is the possession friendship."

-  Epicurus

January - I saw the new year in with Diane and the A&W gang at the Vinoy.  It is great having Diane in town more as she really likes to go out and do stuff. Doing stuff by yourself can get old. But in January there were lots of folks that wanted to do stuff with me.  Gary, Barb and I went to movies, Tim, Randy and Ed helped me celebrate my birthday.  Mary & Dave had a swell party. Jackie from the gym went with me to the opera, Rigoletto.  Sydni & I went out to lunch while Penny and I went to brunch. and Marcia, Bill and I went to the MFA and looked at the bugs.  And I drew and drew... the dogs of my friends and the bugs too.


February - Much like January only after my Super Bowl party on the 2nd, I quit drinking... just for the balance of the month.  It was easy for me which was reassuring since I can now assume that I am not an alcoholic.  Diane & I did stuff in Largo and in Tampa.   Gary, Barb and I went to movies and Sydni, Diane and I went to the theater.  I also had lunch at the yacht club with Betty and Joan.  We even saw Sunken Gardens!  On the drawing front, I made birthday cards for everyone at the gym and drew a number of animals from a calendar from the Nature Conservancy.