Hi Everyone,

October - a month that seemed to fly by.  Lots done, but where did the time go?  I finally found and bought the entertainment center I have been looking for, what's more, I got the old one out of here... I began the 'pond project' by having new fence and a gate installed in the north front yard.  Bill went to San Diego for 10 days for a wedding and I got the fence project done while he was gone... but almost as soon as he returned I was the one off to San Diego for business.  It was a trip filled with problems (most of which worked out OK) and fun because I met Bill's daughter who is quite nice and interesting and because I have a neighborhood bar I hang in where I am beginning to know people...so after work I have somewhere comfortable to unwind.  I returned home on Halloween, too tired to go out.

September - And home from Scotland... I am writing this on the 11th and so I want to be sure to say that despite my joy I am still mindful of the day... and perhaps because of the day, my joy is greater.  Enjoying our lives is the great revenge on those who would have us live in fear.  I won't go into how much I feel we need to take responsibility for our own actions to guard against being a culture that engenders the strong feelings that erupted last year because I am too happy now - but we do...

Towers.jpg (39454 bytes)

That said, I am pleased to tell you that we had a wonderful time on holiday in Scotland, Mary and I... My sweet Bill took us to the airport and he had his hands full as we were fit to bursting to be off.To Scotland.jpg (61347 bytes)  

We could almost have dispensed with the plane as we were already flying...To Scotland3.jpg (33835 bytes)  

If you would like to follow along on our adventures, they are all recorded in Places We Like on this site...If you are viewing from Scotland, please send me an email some time...

August - is not generally my favorite month... don't know exactly why, it just has always been a hard month to get through - and I'm not through it yet, but so far it has been a delightful month.  The Bookies selection was Possession and I was a co-reviewer.  This is a tough read, but a really great book and it inspired a really strong discussion with the Bookies.  Kails02.jpg (52008 bytes)Geri & Kail came for a visit which was great too, since I haven't been able to see much of them this year.  Mary treated Tim, Randy Bill and myself to a dinner at Fred's in the Vinoy which was excellent and lots of fun.  And then there is the preparation for our trip to Scotland which begins in a few days and will make the balance of the month very interesting indeed.  But before I start dreaming about that future, I have two more visits here at Grasshopper Bungalow to look forward to.  Bridget Kail (and her friend, Matt) come tonight for a sleep over visit and Davey & Butch come Friday for a visit.  So, hej!  this will be an August to remember.  Photos of Scotland next month...

July - Another lazy month of pool parties, thunder storms, dinners with friends and little else.  Tim and Randy and I had a pool party and then went to watch the fireworks - The Bookies came for one which was really great but no cameras were allowed...  I had a nice dinner and went to a play with Sydni, Bill, Debbie, Nancy, and Mary Lou - another evening I had dinner with Rue Ann and I finally got to see Aleth after what seemed like a long time.

I am still seeing Bill (the nice man from May) and while it seem strange to have a "boyfriend" I am slowly getting used to it.  I know you will all like him and right now it looks as if he will be around for a while, so you can get to meet him.  He is fun to be with and very nice... He takes good photos of Zohar and me...  Zo in July.jpg (75694 bytes)     Me in July.jpg (74502 bytes)  


June just zipped by.  I went to Denver and on the landing they thought we were going to crash - so we practiced the "Duck & Cover" position - it reminded me of civil defense training when I was in grade school... but I got to spend some time with my friend Diane in Denver where we went to see an exhibition of John Lennon's art which was very cool.  The city was filled with smoke from the wildfires but otherwise the trip was OK.  Back in the 'burg' I got called for jury duty but was not selected in 2 tries and so was excused.  A bunch of us got together for a painting party at Mary's new condo... and I threw a couple of small pool parties and then the month was over... where did it go?  Here are some June photos...These are pictures from Mary's condo...  marhome.jpg (44974 bytes)  mardish.jpg (42156 bytes)   These are that "ole gang of mine"... oldgang4.jpg (27535 bytes)  oldgang2.jpg (22027 bytes)  


May was a merry month but there is still a little bit of April left to tell - Shakespeare in the Park this year was such a hoot!  It was a RAP version of Comedy of Errors and I can't think when I have laughed so much.  

Then on May 4th we had a little birthday party for Tim which was one of the nicest days ever...Hunter, Tim & Randy's dog, learned that he loves water and swam until he wore his little self completely out...thetongue.jpg (133558 bytes)  tbday.jpg (91076 bytes) Here they are - Hunter and Tim...

Following the success of that party I decided to invite some friends with kids over the following weekend.  poolkids2.jpg (27762 bytes) Julie & Eric and Suzanne & Brent.  Plus the kids poolkids3.jpg (30849 bytes)  Joji, Kiki, Courtney & Lauren...  It was a very fun day... 
I call this one the sirens poolkids11.jpg (32725 bytes)  I then left for a long business trip starting on the 13th to Las Vegas and then on to Toronto - getting back home on the 23rd...since it was all business and no friends to visit I left the camera home... but just before I left, I met a nice man... he and I stayed in touch during my travels and are still in touch.  We've even been doing some swimming together and you all know how I love to swim.  Here we are on the floor of Mary's new condo...billnme.jpg (16233 bytes)  His name is Bill.  Mary's condo is another story.  It is in what was formerly a high school.  It is a nifty looking place and she is thrilled to be a condo owner.  mnewk.jpg (73719 bytes)  Notice the happy smile.    A Merry month indeed.


April 13th - This is being an altogether lovely month.  My trip to San Diego was super!  My team worked well together and I felt like I bonded with each of them in really personal ways.  It is important for me to feel this kind of personal connection because I work from home and can often feel isolated.  One of the guys is running the Boston Marathon and is raising money for cancer research - I have asked several of you to consider contributing in his name to sponsor him in the run.
After San Diego ( and still somewhat on west coast time) I came home and went to the Renaissance Fair with Louise, Randy & Tim.  It was a perfect weather day and I had a great time - it will be sad to see the fair leave this venue next year.  renny02.jpg (106522 bytes)  But any excuse to dress up in a costume!


The 27th of March - What a great month this continues to be!  Spending lots of time with friends is #1 on my list of things I like to do.  Last weekend marked the 10th anniversary of the annual Easter Egg Coloring party and it was my turn to host it - that made two parties for me in six days - but all went very well and my Easter basket is now filled with beautiful eggs...Eegg8.jpg (22071 bytes)  the next night we were off to Sandra's for a Oscar night party where the specified dress code was "Outrageous".  Mary and I tried our best to comply  M&S oscars.jpg (30464 bytes)  and we scored the highest in the Movie Trivial Pursuit game that we played during the commercials.  Mary with 10 and me with 16 wins... it shows how little life we have that we know so much about the movies.  Easter is coming up and my weekend plans include a sail with the Hunts - a small pool party combined with installation of an awning over my drive way and Easter brunch at a local restaurant.  Monday is April Fools Day - my favorite day of the year - but I will be sorry to see this March end.

The 20th of March - Well, This is a great month!  Spring is in full swing and my rose garden is in full bloom.rose garden.jpg (44611 bytes)  

Mary & I decided to throw a St. Patrick's Day party even though we are not very Irish (at least I'm not any Irish and Mary only a bit) but it seemed like a good excuse for a party.  About 50+ people showed up to drink beer and Irish Whiskey and listen to the Chieftans sing Irish songs.  The day was unusually hot so the pool was a great option.  I think everyone had fun...

St.Pat's1.jpg (131330 bytes)  a small sample of the party...

  meNed.jpg (85108 bytes)   stpat.jpg (86080 bytes)   party.jpg (101298 bytes)

The 1st of March... Well, the trip to San Francisco was fun.  I  got to walk around a wonderful city and I love to walk in the city.  I told Dion I really didn't care to do tourist things but we did drive all over and look at some of the tourist stuff from afar.  We also drove up the coast to Pescadaro (I think that's right) and had lunch.  Photos were taken and friends were met.  I got a little tipsy and started on a story about the old Sexual Revolution and trying to figure out how many men I had slept with... I think I surprised Dion's friends a bit with the number... but it wasn't a real number just a theoretical one based on possibility, not necessarily probability and showed how crazy the times were.  I met a friend of Dion's named Dr. B.C. whose PhD is in the History of Consciousness which struck me as very funny and still does.  Here he is with Dion.D & BC.jpg (19434 bytes) and here we are... D & me2.jpg (17866 bytes)    on beach.jpg (19709 bytes)  It was a fun visit for me and hopefully for Dion too.

Back in the "Burg" we had a party for Joji who turned 4 and a visit from Diane who came from Colorado... Here they are as well... Jogi2.jpg (14547 bytes) Joji  Jogi4.jpg (15278 bytes)  Lauren Jogi3.jpg (18032 bytes)Eric
 Brigitte.jpg (18760 bytes) Brigitte & Sammy came, but I left before Hunter arrived...
 diane1.jpg (16825 bytes)Diane & Mr. E. she stopped by with Paul & Aleth  diane3.jpg (19462 bytes)  and so the month slipped away.  
The leaves have started to fall, which means that it is spring in Florida.  I didn't see a Robin this year, but I know they passed through town on their way north.  The garden is in need of much work, though the roses have been pruned and the new growth has begun even on the climbing rose.  This will be it's 2nd year and I have great hopes for it. I want to put an ornamental pond in the front this year with a little fountain and a bird feeder. 
My work has picked up and is now starting to be fun.  I love to keep busy and feel useful and finally I believe I am making a real contribution to the company.  I like the IBM work and I am attached to the Marketing department again with is also nice.  As I write this I am scheduled to go to Sarasota tonight to see the first exhibition of my friend Wayne Hutchison's paintings... he is nervous so I will try to provide moral support.  More in April...


Well I am writing on the 6th day of this short month and I will now recap January's events... I turned 55 and, unlike last year, it was a painless day.  I also traveled to Salt Lake City to meet my bosses family and to work with one of the user groups that I work with... My gang and I went to see Guys & Dolls a tourning Broadway Musical that was really terrific.  I also traveled to Punta Gorda Florida to see my friends Dave & Debbie and to attend the Care Ball, something I have done for the last 8 or so years.  This weekend I am going to Orlando to see The Kails and then to San Francisco to See Dion and to work at an IBM Conference.

Here are some recent photos Guys & Dolls2.jpg (34431 bytes) This is the Guys & Dolls Gang...  Dave & Butch.jpg (489305 bytes) These are my friends Dave & Debbie...  todd.jpg (16954 bytes)  My boss, Todd...


Well, this is the year 2002 and the month of January.  Here is where I will try to record a diary for the year.  The New Year came in well for me... I was out with friends and I was happy and not sitting at home alone.  This is always a good way for me to begin a new year.  My resolutions are simple ones:

1.  To go to the gym every week
2.  To make an effort to get out of the house and into the community on a regular basis
3.  To find a bar where I feel comfortable drinking and hanging out.
4.  To try dating again.

As you can see, I feel the need to be more social and have resolved to work toward it.  Since it is only the 2nd day of this New Year, there isn't much to tell now... but come back later... here are some Holiday photos

December 31, 2001 (2).jpg (116445 bytes)   T&R.jpg (56774 bytes)  E&R.jpg (35591 bytes)
  SandraB.jpg (80647 bytes) Louise.jpg (66277 bytes) Mary.jpg (70279 bytes)  Xmas 2001-3.jpg (42650 bytes)  
  xmascat.jpg (549142 bytes)