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Wish for the New Millennium:
May you have enough happiness to make you sweet, enough trials to make you strong, enough sorrow to keep you human, enough hope to make you happy, and enough money to buy gifts!!

Thought for 2014:  
"Health is the thing that makes you feel that Now is the best time of year."

                -  Franklin P Adams

The Christmas letter


The first Christmas card of the season has arrived from my cousin Janicemarie.  Hers is always the first and in a traditionalistic sort of way it is always my cue to reread all the cards that have come to me since last Christmas.  I keep them in a basket all year, then reread them and pitch them.  The photos I put in an album (the drugstore kind).  I like it when a card has a photo too.  It is nostalgic for me, not so much for the cards themselves as for each of you.  This year in review I came back to a lovely card signed by the parents of a good friend, one of whom is no longer here for this Christmas and I reflected as to how I’d most likely never see that combined signature again.  I also came to the card of an old DC friend who only writes one word, his name.  I kissed that name and hoped for a phone # too this year.  And then, there at the bottom, the card from Janicemarie from last year.  Traditions, I love ‘em!! 

I’ve had not just traditions, but transitions this year:  My Work, My Finances and My State of Mind.  Work changed from full time to part time and the change has been all for the good.  I feel very content with my life.  The future looks bright to me – I am filled with warm and fuzzy thoughts (as well as the normal cynical thoughts I always have).  I seem to have a lot of energy too.  All of which makes for a boring Christmas Letter.

But I hope this letter finds you equally content with your personal life.  The world has always been and will always be nuts!  You do what you can, but you can’t fix it all yourself, you can only do your part.  Each of you has goals for your life and I hope you are progressing toward them.  For me the goal has always been happiness, as in Strive to be Happy, takes work but I feel like I’ve got it now.  I say now because each of you knows how easily it can slip away.  If it were a gift, I’d send each of you a bit of my share and I do send it as a wish from my heart…

Happiness & Joy to the World

November – I am working part time at the Spice Shoppe and I really like the work… and the people.  I work 4 days a week, 5 hours a day… perfect, just when I am getting tired of it, the day is over…  I move a lot and bend and squat and lift, so it is like a gym workout too…

I like selling to the public, especially when I have something good to share and the spices anr very good and very fresh, so it is easy for me to praise them… not like iffy consulting services…

This month I got to see the Kails for an overnight visit and went to Marcia’s music party, which was great!  And of course there was Thanksgiving which came together very nicely and was truly delicious as well as cozy with good friends talking and eating together.  I thought my turkey was my best yet.

October – Bonnie & Doug took me to see a version of Into the Woods at the freefall theater… it was OK but not exactly their best show.   Karin & Peter came for a visit and we went to the beach and out to eat and played with Mister Knightly and generally enjoyed ourselves… then they went down to Key West for a week of real homdymoon.  Savory called and I will start there first of November.

September – I threw a Labor Day pool party which was fun and did more drawing. Played trivia with the neighbors and made a few changes in my will…  I also put out one feeler for a job at Savory Spice Shoppe

August – I got back from Sweden about mid-month and began my life as a retired woman.  Bought a new computer and a new TV… did lots of drawing.  I was very grateful for the gym as it gave organization to my days and kept them from being too boring.

July – I spent the early part of the month adjusting my finances and scaling them back to my new lifestyle.   Marcia & Bill took me to see a production of West Side Story at the Palladium which was very good and it is always great to be with them… But then it was time to go to Sweden.  The trip was long and the routing was tiring but I arrived in Skelleftea in the evening and was pretty adjusted by the following day.  Lena arrived and then it was time for the wedding of Karin and Peter… an elaborate affair in a beautiful church and a horse drawn carriage to take them away afterward.

Lena and I than began our road trip down to Ellos, which was lovely and lots of fun… hanging with Eva, Sophia, Hannes and Johnny and telling stories and eating great food and just having casual fun.  We saw lots of other people too… Ellos is lovely and I hope to see it again.  But then another road trip back up to Jokkmokk and on to Skiata for a second wedding.  That one was completely different and also lovely.  I ended up staying an extra week and was very happy to do it!!

June - It is only the summer solstice but this month has really packed a whallop so far.  It began simply enough going to the movies and to the A&W - returning the following weekend with the Hunts to see Have Gun Will Travel - at the gym my friend, Gary turned 70 and we took him to lunch - and then I got fired.  Funny how I had quit worrying about that and then it happened.  Don't know what I will do going forward only plans now are to go to Sweden and start scaling back my lifestyle.  Money will be tight for some time to come now.

But my friends have been great - Aleth & Marcia especially and so I went to dinner at T & R's house and saw the gang and our Trivia team took 1st prize at the Hollander and I threw a solstice party and had a fabulous evening with my fun neighbors and I'll get by.

May - The month of the May Babies, a month filled with little celebrations!  This year it began with a crazy good performance of the Mikado with Tim, Randy, Marcia & Bill, a matinee followed by cocktails at Marcia's and dinner at O'Bistro.  The following weekend I went to Tropical Heatwave with Marcia & Bill and then caught up with the Hunts.  Usually we have more of a herd at Heatwave but this year it was just the three of us and we had a really great time.  Then there were the movies in the park and I went to one with the Kellers and had so much fun that I went to another alone.  There was another celebration for Randy on the 23rd and a dozen of us had dinner together may 2014.jpg (71053 bytes). And the month ended with a Pool Party at Doug & Kevin's new pool may 2014 -2.jpg (99498 bytes).  Paul went to Italy and Luxembourg and I watched Gracie...Paul.jpg (135939 bytes) the twins came over to swim a couple of times, which made Mister Knightly very happy Hummingbird family 023.JPG (773261 bytes)and I took myself to the A&W for an evening of music - first time in a while.

April - Far from being the cruelist month, it may well be the busiest... For me it began with the OAUG conference in Las Vegas.  A full week of business development and hanging out with Diane and Karen Khalids photo (3).jpg (164609 bytes)april in Vegas 2.jpg (107372 bytes)followed immediately by Egg Coloring Egg Coloring 2014 010.JPG (631602 bytes).  I also played Trivia at the Hollander and team Mister Knightly took 3rd place in a surprise finish.  I went to Main Sail art and took Jerry to see a musical version of Ghosts and got to spend some time visiting with the Kails... so all in all a fun month

March - This is always a busy month, the weather is usually perfect, the tourists are out in flocks and lots of events are scheduled...  My March began with an Oscar's party at Aleth's - Diane and I attended and most of my film picks won the award... also went to the Gasparilla Arts Festival.  The following weekend was jam packed with Art in Bloom, The Renaissance Fair and a visit from the Kails.  I saw rather a lot of the Kails in March which would normally have been wonderful except that the reason they were on my side of Florida was to care for Geri's parents (her Dad eventually passed on), so while we had several visits, none were really party occasions.  Before Art in Bloom, Diane and I went to brunch with Marcia and Bill at Cassis AIB luncheon.jpg (165725 bytes)- then on to the museum to see Tim's contribution to the event, as usual very beautiful AIB.jpg (138234 bytes).  Diane & I also went to the Fair together and it was her first in a long time.  We had fun  - met the King & Queen - and ran into my old friend Tom whose wife is the Psychic! Renny Fair a.JPG (197717 bytes).  I caught up with my old friend Jerry Naples twice in March - once he joined some of my neighbors & I to make a trivia team to play at the Hollander and once we just ate sushi and watched college hoops downtown... gabbing all the while.  The month ended with Marcia's spring music party which is always a fun time... the good news was that I didn't over eat!

February - My cold mercifully departed in February and I began to feel like a human being again, proving my Thought for 2014 (in case I had any doubt).  Susan flew in for a week of fun around town - we went to visit the Hunts and caught up with some of the Herd and generally had a good time together, even with some cold weather and rain - we found the sun where it popped out and enjoyed it...  Feb2014 013.JPG (604550 bytes)  On the 12th Diane flew in for a month in her new town home.  What fun to have them both here together feb2014 009.JPG (408355 bytes)  The week after Diane arrived, here family came for a visit - her son, Paul, and her Dad, Hank with his new girlfriend.  I set up a lunch to introduce Paul to Tim & Randy and give him a sense of the gay community here feb2014 001.JPG (516350 bytes)  We went to Georgie's Alabi for for lunch.  Paul, Diane and her Dad also came over for dinner here at Grasshopper Bungalow before they left to return to frozen Green Bay.  Paul was ready to move here right away - Diane, who had been having buyers remorse suddenly felt as if she had made a brilliant decision to buy down here.  So February turned out to be a big party month because I had someone to party with!    On the home front, I have neglected my yard something shamefully, but I will turn over a new leaf when Diane leaves in mid-March, so until then the party continues...

January - For most of this first month of the new year I was at home sick with bronchitis.  Nevertheless I did manage to get out of the house to celebrate my birthday.  Tim, Randy and Bill took me to see the movie HER (interesting, but you could watch it at home) and then we met up with a bunch of the Herd for dinner and came back here to eat cake!  The next day the Kails came in to go to the Blues Festival in Vinoy park with Leon Russell.  We caught up with some of my A&W buddies and Sue Gilman's gang too.  it was a fun time - 19 Vinoy Park.jpg (726217 bytes)   blues 2014 002.JPG (526750 bytes)   21 Leon Russell.jpg (884544 bytes)   The other fun event in January was the SuperBowl party at Marcia's house... my team won and I broke even in the pool so I was a happy camper... superb owl 002.JPG (534302 bytes)

The entire rest of the month was spent coughing!!


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