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GreenGenuity - Green Consulting for home & health

The North Shore Dog Park - Mister Knightly's friends are all here

http://www.myspace.com/misterknightly - my videos are posted here

CameronHair.com - my hairdresser's site

Vintage Interiors - St Pete - This is Tim's business site.  I designed it for him as a birthday present.  He is a decorator and specializes in window treatments.

LaBourianeHolidays.com - Rental property in Payrac France owned by some friends of mine.  I built the site for them.

The Hunger Site - This appears to be for real. All you have to do is go to it and click a button to donate food to someone.  It costs you nothing.  I try to visit it daily.  Here's what they have to say...

"It is our hope and goal to continually increase the amount of food that you are able to donate. Each sponsor pays for 1/4 cup of food. When this page is filled, you will be donating 2 1/4 cups of food. 100% of what sponsors pay goes directly to the United Nations World Food Program for food. "  Check it out and do some good, somewhere.

The Bonzi Zone - I work with this guy.  He is a runner and this past summer he ran a marathon in Iceland.  The pictures are on his site.  They are really beautiful.  Check it out

Where I work..ABeam Consulting.   Many people ask me, "So, what exactly do you do?"  Now you can try to find out!

SpamCop - If you are having trouble with spam, this site can help.  I don't subscribe but I use it to figure out where spam originates so I can file an abuse report. 

Surfing with the Bard Ever want to discuss Will Shakespeare, check this site out.  great and scholarly information