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After I left Skelleftea, I traveled north to Jokkmokk to see my old friend Lena and her family, H.G., Hannes, Mimi, and Hugo.

Lena and HG treated me to their wonderful cooking and I ate like a Queen the entire holiday

HG.jpg (85974 bytes) lena.jpg (44896 bytes) On Christmas Eve we gathered at Lena's sisters house where Karin and her husband Arnold made a feast for us... after which we watched Donald Duck. Then we went back to Lena's to await the arrival of the Tomte (who looked a bit like Lena's father) Jok4.jpg (105754 bytes) Everyone was excited to see the Tomte who gave out lots of wonderful gifts to everyone... we were all very happy! But the Tomte couldn't have been Stig because here he is!  The next day Christmas, there was a big breakfast singing at Mona and Stig's and here are all the people...

After Christmas we went for a ski trip to Saskam (Click Here), a beautiful old Lappish cabin on Lake Saskam.  This was my first time on skis and I fell down several times getting out to the cabin (but none on the way back)...

One day we drove even farther north above the Arctic Circle to the Ice Hotel..(Click Here)

We also went to the Lappish museum...Jok10.jpg (58980 bytes)  Jok11.jpg (69911 bytes)

Then the time had flown and it was time to decorate for New Years (and paint the glasses)...Jok21.jpg (52230 bytes) bake the Y2K bread...Jok22.jpg (52358 bytes)  and have the New Years Feast...   play the New Years games and sing the New Years Songs newyear4.jpg (68204 bytes) JE.jpg (68378 bytes)

Then it was off to a frozen lake for a rock concert by the famous Markoolio, but unfortunately no photos exist of this event.
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