Oban & Iona

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Next we headed west to the seaport town of Oban where we stayed with Kenny & Fiona Hall at Maridon house (www.west-scotland-tourism.com/maridon-house). 

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Dogs are treated with respect in Scotland and dog owners appear to be mindful of their obligations to maintain good behavior in their dogs... as a result, dogs may ride the bus or the train and go into bars and restaurants.  I loved this...

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It was in Oban that we first encountered the Scotch Mist...a lovely type of rain, not seen in Florida oban6.JPG (9170 bytes)  Ob&w2.JPG (31531 bytes)  OB&W3.JPG (30756 bytes)     OB&W8.JPG (30810 bytes) Oban has lovely walks - this one leading to Pulpit hill... and a working harbor OB&W9.JPG (11475 bytes)  OB&W6.JPG (24662 bytes)  OB&W7.JPG (27978 bytes)  And then it was time to take a day excursion across the sea to the Isle of Mull and across Mull to the little isle of Iona.  Iona is where St. Columba first established the Christian religion in Scotland... The island abound in a variety of Celtic crosses some dating back as far as the 700's...

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But the most beautiful part of Iona was the Nunnery...  iona6.JPG (32882 bytes)

iona2.JPG (36752 bytes)  iona3.JPG (26444 bytes) we met this one...iona4.JPG (35037 bytes)

This caption is, of course
"Sandie plays with pussy in Nunnery"

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The Thistle is the national flower and the grow wild everywhere, but on Iona we saw them cultivated and they were spectacular!

thistle1.JPG (21766 bytes) Wild with bee... thistle2.JPG (26336 bytes) Cultivated.

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