Which so many great photos of Paris all over the internet to

look at, why would you want to see my amateur ones, but 

here they are anyway...

The first day in Paris we shopped in Bon Marche and Cartier and other swanky stores and went to a "film" in the evening.  The 

film was Gabrielle and if you want my film review, here it is: 

 "Skip it".

The next day we headed out to the Eiffel Tower.  It was overcast, "a lead sky" Aleth called it.  And we couldn't even see the top of the tower...I didn't cut the top off, it was just in the clouds.
We wanted to ride the boat around the Isle de Cite and see the sights from the Seine.  I was all in favor of this being a big fan of Charade.
There is so much to see.  And for a sculpture fan like myself it was like heaven... but then doesn't everyone find some kind of heaven in Paris?
This view reminded me of Gene Kelly and Leslie Caron on 

their first real date in An American in Paris... but it could 

also have been part of Everyone Says I Love You

And here is the arch type of all rosette windows
Views were everywhere... Paris looks quite nice in fog.
I am blissed out as you can see...

Later on land again we explored the Isle de Cite and Notre Dame Cathedral

We shopped and had an interesting lunch in this Brasserie

Then we dashed back by Notre Dame on our way to Sainte Chappell to hear Les Solistes Francais with Paul Rouger perform Vivaldi's Four Seasons.
This Chappell was beautiful and ornate, but it needed cleaning badly... you could almost imagine that you were looking at dust that hadn't been removed in a hundred years
The next day we went to the Rodan Museum, but that was such a big deal for me that it gets its own page.  Afterward we strolled through the Luxembourg Gardens and watched a chess match.
WE wandered by the children's carrousel - the little boy with the stick attempts to catch the brass ring held out by the attendant and each time one is caught another is held out - and the end of the ride the boy gives them all back - no prize... just the joy of doing it.
The we wandered over to watch the Petanque game and finally out on to the Blvd. de St. Michel to shop some more....
Having heard classical music the night before, we elected to find a cabaret this night and the Cafe Universal on the Rue St-Jacques was just the ticket .  The trio was made up of Victor Prestor, Elodie Ruillier and Patrick Honoré and repertoire was Broadway tunes, all the great ones.  Patrick also did tap dance and Fosse, Fosse, Fosse!
I loved it and knew the words to all the songs save one.  A version of Anything Goes by Victor the piano player is permanently stuck in my head.
And our charming waiter (garçon) Casey turnes out to be from St Petersburg!  Isn't it a small world?
My last day in Paris I spent alone as Aleth had to stand by for her flight and left early in the morning.  I shopped all morning on the Blvd. Houssman and had a nice lunch.  Then I walked over to the Champs Élysées and strolled toward the Louvre.  There I turned toward Isle de Cite and crossing this bridge I saw the little bench above and I knew that I needed to sit there and collect my thoughts and so I did...
Later I would shop some more of Blvd. St Germaine and would go out to dinner at Cafe le Bistro in the 10th Arrondissement where we were staying.  The next morning I would haul all my treasures to the airport and fly away - Tim and Randy would meet me at the airport and I would tell them of my adventures over dinner - and the next morning when I awoke in my own bed, I would cry...because I was no longer in France.