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We loved Stirling - it's the kind of town you'd love to live in.  And above it all, like the cherry on an ice cream sundae was Stirling Castle... which my Grandfather Watson claimed as a part of his heritage.

stirling1.JPG (28508 bytes)  We stayed at the Georgian House B&B ( where our hostess was a painter - The male face is that of her son... and horses are a reoccurring theme as well as angels...

stirling5.JPG (25972 bytes)  stirling6.JPG (13475 bytes)

stirling2.JPG (22522 bytes)  Stirling is a lovely town with lots of B&Bs and beautiful neighborhoods full of fabulous houses like this one...  It is also in the Braveheart country and close by the town is the William Wallace Monument.  The monument is up on a hill and the tower itself has 246 steps.  All very worth while to climb as you see some nifty stuff along the way...stirling7.JPG (21344 bytes)  stirling22.JPG (22500 bytes)

The sword was custom made for William Wallace and it has been calculated that he would have been at least 6 ft. 6 inches to wield it. stirling11.JPG (22320 bytes)  stirling4.JPG (27396 bytes)  But the thing that all the Scots talk about is the little statue at the bottom of the monument - done by a sculptur who had been so inspired by the movie Braveheart the he overcame his cancer (I think it was) and in tribute carved this...stirling12.JPG (21152 bytes) It looks just like Mel!  In a few hundred years Scots may think little short Mel was big tall William Wallace ...stirling20.JPG (39304 bytes) This fellow was playing to raise money for lung cancer research...and very good lungs he had indeed.

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This is the view from the bottom of the monument...

stirling16.JPG (16831 bytes)  stirling17.JPG (16671 bytes)

And this was the view from the top... over my shoulder you can see Stirling Castle on the hill...

stirling18.JPG (22908 bytes)  stirling19.JPG (28064 bytes)

And after a pint or two in the Hogs head Tavern with this lovely couple (Kenny & Kathleen, I think)... stirling3.JPG (19204 bytes)

We headed off to see the Castle claimed by my Mother's family as ours...Stirling Castle & the Watsons!  Tell the Truth!

sc6.JPG (17371 bytes)  sc3.JPG (31052 bytes)   sc4.JPG (25003 bytes)  sc2.JPG (43748 bytes)  sc22.JPG (27792 bytes)  sc13.JPG (23004 bytes)  sc11.JPG (26927 bytes)  sc7.JPG (25130 bytes)  sc21.JPG (27235 bytes)

The Castle was very fond of sculpture and they had a sense of humor as you can see - when you look closely at the guy on the wall...

sc17.JPG (15426 bytes) zoom in and you'll see...sc10.JPG (22820 bytes)

Stirling is a friendly castle to tour as you can wander freely and take photos inside... There are tapestry weavers on the grounds weaving copies of the unicorn tapestries (a whole series, some of which are in US museums)  They have finished The Unicorn in Captivity and are working on the The Hunt for the Unicorn now... 

sc1.JPG (32464 bytes)  sc16.JPG (16572 bytes)  sc19.JPG (24176 bytes)  sc20.JPG (19721 bytes)  sc9.JPG (19228 bytes)  sc14.JPG (22432 bytes)  The grave yard by the castle was a delight and would have been more explored if we had had more time... we had only allowed 2 days for Stirling and could have stayed a week...stirling10.JPG (20933 bytes)  sc5.JPG (31248 bytes)