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We flew into Manchester and took the train north to Carlisle where we changed for Edinburgh...

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We stayed with Mike and Dorothy at Cloughley B&B (www.edinburghBeds.co.uk) located in a lovely neighborhood about 15 - 20 minutes walk from the Royal Mile.

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Edinburgh I full of history and beautiful buildings and sculpture... I could have shot 10 rolls of film on the statuary alone! Edinburgh3.JPG (17207 bytes) Edinburgh2.JPG (24771 bytes)   Edin12.JPG (24720 bytes) Edin7.JPG (25274 bytes)

Many of the shops have very clever names... Edinburgh12.JPG (24538 bytes)  Edinburgh11.JPG (24360 bytes)      Edinburgh8.JPG (26087 bytes) And most of the Pubs have lovely flower baskets to help you find them... Edinburgh7.JPG (28244 bytes)  Edinburgh6.JPG (23345 bytes) Edinburgh13.JPG (28211 bytes)

But the most lovely part, for me, was getting to see Bartley again...   Edinburgh4.JPG (21027 bytes)          Edin11.JPG (33800 bytes)  Edinburgh1.jpg (30065 bytes) 

  Edin9.JPG (23248 bytes)    Edin10.JPG (39232 bytes)   

The Royal Mile as it is called runs from the Castle to the Palace... so we went off to see Holyrood  Palace

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Bartley had to leave us to return to his Mom in Ireland, but it had been a grand, if short, visit.  But then it was time to see the Edinburgh Military Tattoo - and extravaganza of marching bands and men in kilts that would have delighted my friend Ed to no end...  Edin1.JPG (16528 bytes)  We met two nice English guys, Jonathan and Callan, in a pub while waiting for the show to start.  They were off to see a play.  There was so much going on during the Festival week...

Tattoo6.JPG (25352 bytes)  Tattoo8.JPG (17290 bytes) Men in Kilts, God love 'em!

Tattoo1.JPG (22102 bytes) and dancing girls, Tattoo2.JPG (20152 bytes) 

the Lassies, God love 'em!  And bands from all over the British Empire - some on bikes - and more men in kilts and finally, horses and the Royal carriage... culminating in singing and fireworks.  Simply delightful, even on a rainy night.

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And so feeling in a royal mood, we next headed off to Leith to see the Royal Yacht Britannia  Edin18.JPG (21235 bytes)

  britannia2.JPG (27499 bytes) britannia.JPG (16900 bytes)

A whopper of a boat with a dining room almost as big as my whole house.

   Edin14.JPG (22024 bytes)  Edin15.JPG (33818 bytes) This is just the launch Edin16.JPG (34127 bytes)  Edin17.JPG (19532 bytes)    Edin19.JPG (15791 bytes) and the limo Edin20.JPG (14778 bytes)       

And then it was time to move on... our four days in Edinburgh were jam packed with sights - only a few of which were caught on film.  But we couldn't have asked for more... Three days of beautiful sun and lovely people to enjoy it with.  And so off to Stirling...      

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