The Rodin Museum

The Rodin Museum - This was a great thrill for me as I have loved his work all my life.  Rodin is the reason that I play with clay now and then.   I can't imagine why I didn't come here in 1971, but hey, what a waste it would have been for me then as then I did not have
 a digital camera.  Needless to say I went wild with photos - these are the edited ones many others are just sitting on my computer.                               

I love the photo to the right - me, The Thinker and the roses...
The works above are all from The Gates of Hell - a major work depicting scenes from Dante's Inferno.  The Three Muses (without hands) stand on the top of the doors, but I cut them off in the photo.  The Thinker contemplates the Hell below him.
Here are The Three Muses (with hands) again.  Rodin likes to reuse images...

Adam and Eve - The model Rodin used for this Eve did not tell him she was pregnant but each day he watched her body change.  One day she didn't return to the studio...Rodin left the sculpture with a rough texture...and did not finish it as he did others, because she left before it was finished.
One of the many, many hands Rodin sculpted...beautiful and powerful hands.
Hands and faces - so much expression!

Victor Hugo  -  Rodin did several versions of Hugo

Here are the beautiful grounds - Aleth sits on the far bench and looks out at the scene to the right The house was scheduled to be torn down but was purchased by the state and rooms were rented to artists.  Renoir, Isadore Duncan and Rodin all rented studios here - now it is the Rodin Museum.
The sculpture in the pond represents another story from literature, of a man escaping from prison with his children clinging to him - he crawls out - the kids don't make it.
And now you see Rodin's Cathedral. 
And here is an artsy shot of me - taken by me - contemplating  a marble work
The wild woman above represents Victory in war -

Faces - Faces - Faces

Another artsy shot below One of Rodin's early works

I didn't take near enough photos of the house itself but these give you some idea of how beautiful it is. If you go, you can pack a lunch or buy one at the cafe on the grounds and spend the whole day...